Kaua’i has been a growing hotspot for design and fashion worldwide. Hence, the Kauai Fashion Week organization is hosting their Third Annual Kauai Fashion Weekend. This signature event will be held Saturday, April 4, 2015 from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm at Kauai Marriott Beach Resort Ballroom.

Local Kaua’i designers such as Gypsy Rain, Kaikini Bikini, and many more will share their exclusive designs. We will also be hosting internationally renowned designer Louda Larrain, her collections have been featured in the New York Times, Vogue, and exhibitions around the world.

Our design and fashion feature of the event is Ahmad Couture, Mr. Sha Ali Ahmad. His designs are worn by celebrities worldwide and mostly works in LA, New York, and Florida. He now exclusively releases his newest looks at the Kauai Fashion Weekend event on Kaua’i.

Dinner and ticket shows are nearly sold out and we are expecting over 400 attendees. Show tickets are $40 in advance and can be purchased online at http://www.kauaifashionweek.com or at our convenient ticket outlets.

April 4, 2015, Saturday. Kauai Marriott Beach Resort Ballroom, show starts 7:30 pm

For additional information please contact us at info@kauaifashionweek.com

Pictured, Louda Lorraine, solo, and Sha Ali Ahmad with model.