Karen Dickson

Karen Dickson sings “What child is This?”

Article and photos by Anne E. O’Malley

Kaua`i has excellent singers, and the thrice yearly Kaua`i Sings! proves it. In its 6th Annual Kaua`i Sings! Christmas show titled Christmas Around the World singers pretty much covered the planet, from Bohemia to Spain, from Portugal to Ireland.

The cast was up to it, and that includes the musicians, headed by Rose Alfiler. The show must go on, and so it did when the piano music stand fell apart. Alfiler didn’t lose a note and from where he was seated at a front table, audience member Philip Steinbacher leapt swiftly and nimbly to the stage  and helped repair the situation.

With so many skilled singers, it would be tough to single out performances, and certainly, there were a few who seemed to have fan clubs in the audience.

Juno Apalla performed a Filipino number, Pasko Na Sinta Ko beautifully and passionately.

Thom Newman performed Ave Maria reverently.

Leinani Springer, who always selects numbers that take her into minor keys and challenge the imagination as to how she gets there, sang a Danish carol, Mitt Hjerte Alltid Vanker.

James Norman, whose rock, jazz and blues voice usually belts out and brings down a house, this time showed a softer side to his passion, singing The Christmas Song.

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