FROM: The University of Hawaii History Department, the Kauai

Veterans Council and the Military Intelligence Veterans of Kauai

Dear KVC members and all those interested in the Military

History of the men and women of Kauai and Hawaii.

The Uof H history department has written a book (biography) of

Judge Arthur Satshi Komori, the most celebrated of all military

spies in WWII and perhaps of all times. Judge Komori is listed in

the Military MIS Hall of Fame and served in the Phillippines prior

to Pearl Harbor at which point his deep cover spy operations began.

The sword given to Judge Komori by General MacArthur is on

display in our Kauai KVC museum.

Judge Komori (an honored member of the Kauai MIS) was

born on Oahu but served as a circuit court judge on Kauai and

resided on Kauai for the remainder of his life. Dr. Yosh Oshiro

who is heading up the U of H team was a WWII CIC agent.

The two MIS members being honored during the book signing

will be Lt. Jiro Yukimura and Norman Hashisaka, both of whom

were WWII members of the ATIS. As is well known, Lt. Yukimura

was on board the Battleship Missouri when the Japanese surrender

was signed. Norman Hashisaka was in the battles for the

Philippines and served as a translator/ interpreter at the Yokohama

War Crimes Trials.

For the book signing event Dr. Oshiro and his fellow U of H

team members will be accorded the use of the larger KVC

conference room and refreshments will be served at that time.

Signed copies of the Komori biography will be donated to the KVC


Your presence at this historic event being held at the KVC

Veterans Center at 3125 Kapule Highway, Lihue on Tuesday

December 3, 2013 starting at 1300 hours (1:00 PM) would be

greatly appreciated

Quentin C. Belles MIS Kauai

6440 Kaahele St.,

Kapaa 96746

Tel No. 822 3677

Kauai Veterans Center


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