The Kaua‘i Fire Department held a special ceremony Monday to honor the community members and first responders for their efforts in the rescue of Dino Pabre in May. Shown from left to right are Deputy Fire Chief Kilipaki Vaughan, Mayor Derek Kawakami, Firefighter I Makana Denton, Firefighter I Ben Ferris, Firefighter III Nicholas Pananganan, Fire Captain Ryan Washburn, KPD Dispatcher Sarah Louxz, KPD Dispatcher Christina Chong Tim, AMR Medic EMT Lisa Johnshoy-Prinzing, AMR Medic MICT Eric Ishida, DJ Pabre, Mikaela Peralta, Jason Peralta, and Kaulana Finn representing Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (not shown is KPD Dispatcher Souci Sayegusa). Contributed photo

The Kaua‘i Fire Department held a special ceremony last week at the Līhu‘e Civic Center’s Mo‘ikeha courtyard to honor the community members and first responders involved in the rescue of Dino Pabre who was resuscitated after collapsing during a basketball game in May, according to a county news release.

“The immediate actions of our community members and first responders involved saved the life of Mr. Pabre, and today we recognize and thank each individual for their role in this remarkable rescue,” said Deputy Fire Chief Kilipaki Vaughan.

On Thursday, May 9, Pabre was participating in a basketball scrimmage at the Waimea High School gym, when he collapsed and stopped breathing on the court shortly before 3:45 p.m. Fellow coach and friend Jason Peralta, who is also a firefighter for the Pacific Missile Range Facility, quickly instructed a player to call 911 and then initiated high performance CPR compressions. Peralta’s daughter Mikaela ran out to his vehicle to grab a pocket mask, and once it was applied, DJ Pabre, the patient’s son, provided rescue breaths to his father until first responders arrived on scene.

Waimea firefighters arrived at the gym around 3:50 p.m., and applied an AED with shock advised. CPR and AED efforts continued on scene, until Pabre was eventually revived and then regained consciousness. AMR medics continued advanced life support and assumed care of Pabre while he was transported to Kaua‘i Veterans Memorial Hospital for further treatment.

Mayor Derek Kawakami attended the ceremony, and congratulated all involved, with a special acknowledgement to Pabre’s son, DJ.

“When I was a senior in high school, my dad suffered a major heart attack,” Kawakami said. “That was a pivotal point in my life and from that day on, whenever I had to say goodbye to my dad, I gave him a big hug. DJ, I can only imagine your experience on that scary day in May. On behalf of the County of Kaua‘i and Ni‘ihau, I extend to you, Jason, Mikaela and all of our first responders my sincere appreciation for your bravery and your service. Your response is a testament to the heart of our community, and especially our West Kaua‘i ‘ohana.”

The Kaua‘i Fire Department presented a total of 12 certificates to all individuals honored at Monday’s ceremony. Kaulana Finn, representing Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, also attended the ceremony and presented certificates to all individuals.