By Léo Azambuja

Halau Ka La Mokihana o Leina‘ala

We are truly blessed for living on Kaua‘i. Under a spectacular full lunar eclipse, about 300 people gathered at the oceanfront Kekaha Boat House on the evening of Jan. 20 to support the Koke‘e Resource Conservation Program fundraiser. The event offered onolicious food, adult drinks, top-notch Hawaiian entertainment and pleasant talk story with many like-minded folks who dedicate their lives to protect our precious native environment.

Though this is only KRCP’s third annual fundraiser, the nonprofit has been around since 1998. The proceeds from the event will help to support the organization’s many programs that remove invasive weeds from Koke‘e, do Native Hawaiian species outplanting and trail maintenance, put up fences against invasive predators, offer hands-on internship programs for careers in conservation and teach countless school children the importance of preserving our forests.

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