The Kauai Police Department announces that it now has a dedicated, full-time officer assigned to the Kauai Police Activities League (KPAL). KPAL is a non-profit organization coordinated by KPD and aims to provide positive programs and activities for Kaua‘i’s youth, which focus on enrichment, education, and leadership.

“Historically, KPAL has been managed by officers who volunteered their time and resources,” stated Executive Chief of Police and KPAL board member Michael Contrades. “Over the years, KPAL has grown to become a popular program within our community and we are looking at ways to grow and expand our services. We are pleased to now have a dedicated KPAL Officer to ensure the program’s continued success.”

KPAL Officer Mitchell Collier is responsible for overseeing KPAL, which includes organizing programs, volunteers, registration and outreach. He will also assist with KPAL’s newest project, to rebuild its youth center in Līhu‘e. The organization is currently raising funds to offer more classes and services at this location.

In addition to athletic programs, such as wresting, basketball and football, Officer Collier is looking to start a video gaming program as well as school enrichment opportunities.

Since his assignment, Officer Collier has revamped the KPAL website,, and created a social media presence using Instagram,, and Facebook, League.

“Participants can now download registration forms from the KPAL website,” stated Officer Collier. “The site also features a calendar of events and will be regularly updated with new information. We wanted to make it easier for parents and participants to stay informed and connected.”

KPAL’s ultimate goal is to help strengthen police-community relations and to “fill playgrounds, not prisons” by providing opportunities and positive guidance to youth to deter them from drugs and crime.

“Experience has shown us that the best way to reduce to crime and drugs in our community is to prevent it from occurring in the first place,” emphasized Kaua‘i Police Chief Darryl Perry. “As law enforcement, we see the value of dedicating resources to drug and crime prevention.”

Lt. Mark Ozaki has been the lead coordinator for KPAL through the years, volunteering his time to revitalize the program and keep it going. He will continue to stay involved as both a KPAL board member and a coach for various sports.

“I look forward to strengthening existing community relations and creating new partnerships to support the KPAL program and help our youth to reach their full potential,” added Officer Collier.

For more information on the KPAL program or activities, visit the KPAL website or the KPAL Facebook page,

To volunteer or get involved, email KPAL Officer Mitchell Collier at


KPAL Officer Mitchell Collier stands with the KPAL Youth Boxing participants. The Youth Boxing class is held every Tuesday and Thursday at the KPAL Youth Center in Līhu‘e. For more information, visit