Kilauea Point Natural History Association
Dan Moriarty Memorial Scholarship
P.O. Box 1130, Kilauea, HI 96754-1130
2012 – 2013 Application

The Kilauea Point Natural History Association annually awards a scholarship in the memory of Dan Moriarty, an outstanding environmental educator and conservationist. Dan played a major role in fostering a strong conservation ethic in the community, an ethic which continues to this day. The award, up to $2,000, is applied directly to college or university expenses.

Students studying in the broadly defined fields of botany, zoology, natural history and related subjects concerning the Hawaiian environment are encouraged to apply. The fields of wildlife management, interpretation, conservation and environmental education are also included.

To be eligible, the student must have been a resident of Hawai`i within the last five years, been accepted or enrolled in a four-year college or university, and maintained a grade point average of 3.0 or better.

Preference will be given to upperclassmen (junior or senior), although both lowerclassmen and graduate student applications will be accepted. The preferred student would be from Kaua`i (not a requirement) and have demonstrated community service in environmental projects and/or participating membership in environmental clubs or organizations.

Applications are due June 30. To read more about this scholarship and review past winners, click here and select “scholarships.” To download a scholarship application in a PDF format, click here, select “scholarships” scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the highlighted words “Download Application Form” to fill out and mail in.