A good snapshot may reveal a simple pleasure that otherwise goes unnoticed. The Local Snapshots is just a tiny collection of what Kaua‘i offers to locals and visitors. Indulge yourself. And if you have any suggestions or pictures, send it to editor@forkauaionline.com.

David Implone

David Implone, of Imua Surfboards, is a workhorse, Jack of all trades and master of all when it comes down to surfboard crafting. Between shaping lightning-fast and ultra-responsive surfboards, he puts time glassing for many major surfboard brands on Kaua‘i for more than two decades. Find more details at www.imuasurfboards.net.


Art Café Hemingway in Old Kapa‘a Town is hands down the best option for breakfast fine-dining, yet affordable, on Kaua‘i. Their classy globetrotter menu is about to get even better — soon they’ll open for dinner with many dishes based on co-owner Jana Boemer’s adventures in kitchens throughout Southeast Asia.

Blood Moon

The Blood Moon on April 14 was the first of a tetrad, which means there will four total lunar eclipses in a row during a relatively short time. The next three total lunar eclipses — each with a riveting Blood Moon — will happen Oct. 28, and then again on April 29, 2015 and Oct. 23, 2015.


The Wailua River mouth is the tail end of the state’s only navigable river. It is also part of a state park that has several heiau, including a huge one mauka of Kuhio Highway and a pu‘uhonua, or place of refuge, next to the rivermouth. Photo by Sue Kanoho.


The Pihea Trail starts at Kalalau Valley lookout in Koke‘e and leads to a scenic point providing stunning panoramic views. Many people get frustrated after arriving at the lookout only to see clouds all over the place. If you come with an open mind and a desire to hike, the trail is a lot more beautiful with clouds around it. And sooner or later, the clouds usually dissipate to reveal the scenery down bellow.