Mayhem in the Mansions

Directed by Dallas McCurley
Two One Act Farces – Physical Theatre at its best
Fabulous period costumes
Fridays, Saturdays at 7 pm – Sundays at 5 pm October 4th – 20th
East meets West in an evening of fun for the whole family.

IMG_5054.1Dolce Veleno (Sweet Venom) is a 16th Century Italian commedia dell’arte performed in English. The cast includes: Nicholas Trpkovski as Ottavio, Colten Moore as Arlecchino, Steven Pinzer as Pantalone and Christy Jo Williams as Rosella. The tricky Arlecchino finds a way for Ottavio to secure Rosella’s hand in marriage. Hilarious prevarications and intricately choreographed action are performed with grace by the cast who you will adore.

BUSU (Poisoned Sugar) is a 14th Century Japanese Kyogen translated into English. Who could have imagined how much fun this wonderful tradition is? Charming, devious, clever, innocent…BUSU is captivating and generous – you can’t help but laugh. The cast: Dottie Bekeart as Taro Kaja, Bailey Hutton as Jiro Kaja and Chad Dellatanas Daimyo, the Master.

A special performance is planned on Sunday, October 6th at 5 pm. Kyle Chew will play traditional Japanese flute music and there will be an opportunity to meet the actors and discuss the two very unique, stylized theatrical traditions. Call the theatre hotline to reserve your seat.

WIT’s End in Coconut Marketplace
Hotline: 635-3727
online tickets :

Who are those Haoles?
IMG_5135.1Servants who get into mischief while the Master is away! Busu (Poisoned Sugar) is a Japanese Kyogen done in English that will make you laugh “from the bottom of your heart”. The two servants try to figure out how to get themselves out of trouble when the Master returns to find his precious belongings in shambles. These two well known actors with many credits in western theatre, have, under the direction of Dallas McCurley, learned the style of the 14th century Japanese theatre. Can you identify any documented performances of Kyogen on Kauai in the past 100 years? Just respond to this email address – the first correct response will win two tickets to Mayhem in the Mansions. Identify the actors too and you will win a special sandalwood fan!