Story provided by Captain Chris, Na Pali Riders Raft Tours

Honopu Sea Cave

On the Na Pali Coast, Honopu Sea Cave has its own unique features and views. Upon entering the cave, a small waterfall comes down from above the cave’s wide entrance. The water in the cave is transparent so when looking below, you can see schools of small fish hiding in the shadows, and there may even be a white-tip reef shark looking to make a meal of those fish. On the cave’s cracks and ledges, there are nesting noddy tern marine birds, protecting their young. As you get deeper into the cave, the walls of the cave edges stand out even more. The gray and black lava rock appears very dark against the bright red and pink coral growing at the surf line.




Ho’olulu Sea Cave

Ho’olulu Sea Cave is nicknamed the Pirates Cave. A rushing waterfall guards its entrance, providing every passenger with a cooling shower as they ride through it, a gift from the fertility god, Lono. Ho’olulu Sea Cave is the largest of all the sea caves on Na Pali, and with the highest ceiling, covered with green moss. It reminds me of the spooky cave scene from the movie The Goonies.

Ho’olulu Cove is surrounded by 3 additional caves. On the far right is Zebra cave with calcium lines against black lava. In the middle is the Godzilla Egg cave with big round rocks covered with bright pink corals.  Finally, to the left is the Skull cave shaped like a skull.


These exquisitely formed sea caves, if accessible, provide the experience of a lifetime for anyone exploring the Na Pali Coast.  In the summer, a raft tour that goes in and out of the sea caves is a thrilling ride for those lucky enough to experience it.

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