By Léo Azambuja

The crew of Nāmāhoe lands at Kalapaki

The crew of Nāmāhoe lands at Kalapaki

Nā Kalai Waʻa o Kauaʻi, or The Canoe Builders of Kaua‘i, was founded 20 years ago by John Kruse, Dennis Chun and Patrick Aiu. Since then, they have worked tirelessly to build a voyaging canoe on the island.

The double-hulled Nāmāhoe was unveiled on the morning of Sept. 11 at Nawiliwili Harbor. After a brief ceremony, the canoe was towed to waters just outside the shoreline of the nearby Kalapaki Beach, where it was greeted by hundreds of people.

A day-long ceremony ensued to celebrate the historic moment for Kaua‘i. Named after the constellation Gemini, the Nāmāhoe (twins in Hawaiian) was built with modern materials, but its design follows traditional Polynesian double-hulled canoes.

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