The Kaua‘i Bus. Photo by Chandley G. Jackson

The County of Kaua‘i Transportation Agency has just announcing new rules and regulations regarding county bus stops that went into effect Monday. The new rules and regulations — which include no smoking and no squatting at a bus stop — are a result of comments received from the public during a public hearing held Jan. 12, according to a county press release.

“Accessible bus stops are a priority for our customers and the new rules are a result of concerns brought to us from the community,” Transportation Executive Celia Mahikoa said. “It is important that the County of Kaua‘i maintains these stops for all users of the bus.”

According to the County of Kaua‘i’s Transportation Agency’s Rules and Regulations on Procedures for the use and closure of county bus stops:

  • All county bus stops shall be closed for use and not occupied by any person from the hours of midnight to 4 a.m.;
  • No person shall possess or consume any drugs or alcohol, or be smoking (including electronic cigarettes) at county bus stops;
  • No person shall erect any structure or fixture within a county bus stop or an area immediately adjacent thereto;
  • And no person shall occupy a bus stop in a manner that inhibits its full and adequate use by the public.

Any person violating these rules shall, upon conviction, be fined in an amount not exceeding $100 or be imprisoned for a period up to 10 days or be both fined and imprisoned.

For more information on the new bus stop rules, call Mahikoa at 246-8110 or email at For more information on the Transportation Agency, visit