New image-based signage for Kaua‘i Recycles Program

The Department of Public Works Division of Solid Waste is proud to announce the shift to image-based signage for plastic collection through the Kaua‘i Recycles residential collection program.

The new signage illustrates common containers that are in and out of the program.

“Our office understands that plastic recycling can be very confusing compared to more straightforward material like cardboard, paper, and aluminum,” said Solid Waste Programs Coordinator Allison Fraley. “With this new signage residents should be able to quickly assess the material they have and recognize if it’s recyclable or not. It’s not enough to know if an item is a #1 or #2 plastic anymore, we have to educate the public further and show them exactly the type of material that’s accepted.”

The participation and enthusiasm residents and visitors have shown for recycling is greatly appreciated, and the County of Kaua‘i hopes to carry it on with this new signage. The public can make an even bigger impact by first reducing the amount of plastic material they use, or by switching to reusable products and packaging.

For more information about the Kaua‘i Recycles program, please call the Solid Waste Division, at 241-4841, or visit their website at: