Astrologer Haipule Douglas

Mug Haipule astrologerJust like a bathroom scale doesn’t cause your weight, the planets do not cause anything. And, just as one person may see the numbers on the scale and then kick it in disgust, another will head out for a run. Each of us responds differently to the energy of the month.

Since not many people speak Astrologese, I’ll look at the chart for the monthly new moon to create a collage of words and images that illustrate what the energies include.

On Feb. 9 the new moon is in Aquarius. The initial growth takes place in the dark. By the light of the full moon on Feb. 25, if our seeds have germinated, we may see how our thoughts for a peaceful and sustainable world (Aquarian values) are sprouting.

New moons occur when our Sun and Moon briefly meet. Our rational side, represented by the Sun, and our instinctual side, represented by the Moon, come together. New moons funnel the energy of bigger change. Much like gardeners plant seeds each month to ultimately transform their garden, our responses feed into the long-term makeovers occurring in structures like big business, politics, banking, education and health care.

The structures meant to enrich and empower communities undergo massive transformation over the next few years. We’re invited to take small steps each month to eventually make a meaningful, collective contribution.

I’ve included questions to ask as you explore the collage:

haipulecollage web 2 (1 of 1)What draws my attention?

Why? What associations do I make?

Can I take one action this month to bring this awareness more fully into my life in a positive manner?