Hanalei Pier

Hanalei Pier

The Kaua‘i North Shore Community Foundation has received an announcement from XQTM: The Super School Project that it was selected to advance to the third and final phase of the XQTM Challenge, according to a press release this week.

The XQTM Challenge was launched in September 2015 by the philanthropic organization Emerson Collective, chaired by Laurene Powell Jobs, widow of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.

XQTM: The Super School Project is a national open challenge to reimagine and redesign the American High School.

More than 10,000 applicants signed up for the challenge and 1,400 concepts were submitted for the initial XQTM “Discover” phase. For the second “Design” phase of the competition, 700 teams from 45 states qualified to submit applications. Applications for the third and final “Develop” phase are due on May 23, and 348 teams are invited to submit applications. XQTM will announce up to 50 teams as finalists in July, and in August will award $50 million plus expert support to at least 5 of the finalists.

“We are very excited to have been chosen to progress to the Develop phase,” said Lorraine Mull, a member of the board of directors for the Kaua‘i North Shore Community Foundation.

Kauaʻi’s North Shore currently does not have a public high school, a situation that the foundation is determined to change. Chaired by Mull, the foundation created its “Let’s Build A School” committee in early 2015 with the goal of establishing a tuition-free high school on the North Shore. It is relying on a group of passionate advocates and community engagement to develop the essential elements of its school concept.

“Community contribution is essential to our success,” Mull said. “Over the past six months, students, parents, educators, and other community members have been involved in creating our high school concept. What has emerged from the dialogue is the community’s desire to create a high school that is innovative and collaborative.”

She said they are now working diligently to further develop their “super school” vision, which focuses on mastery of topic, project collaboration, and blended subjects and learning for understanding.

“We want to consider our students’ diverse learning styles and incorporate their visions in the school curriculum and design,” Mull said. “Our children need to realize they are the true stakeholders in their education, thereby building a strong foundation for success in the 21st century.”

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