May 25, 2016 to May 29, 2016 9:00 am

Master Class Series with Dr. Gene Ang. Workshop, Private Sessions, Tropical Retreat

May 25 – 29th. Kilauea, North Shore Kaua’i

May 25 – Quantum Holographic Techniques

Evening Intro Class  6:30-9:30 PM $45

May 26-27 Arcturian Healing Light (AHL 1) $350

Because of the condensed nature of the information presented in the class, it is recommended to have attended the Quantum Spoon Bending Level I (QSB1 or Quantum Holographic Techniques course previous to taking this class.  You can use AHL as a stand-alone healing modality or combine this with your existing healing practice.

May 28-29 Endocrine/Galactic Encodings  (AHL 2) $350

The Arcturian Healing Method Level 2 takes the healing practitioner to the next level in this modality by activating 4 different encodings meant to accelerate the physical body’s capacity to hold more light and advanced evolutionary consciousness.

Enjoy Tropical Paradise Retreat Style Setting

Relax with 2 day 9am-5pm with beach and pool integration.

Register for both workshops: $600

Retreat style Accommodation Options for off-island participants

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