October 26, 2017 to October 29, 2017 All Day

Kukui Grove Center

3-2600 Kaumualii Hwy, Lihue

(808) 245-7784

Dottie Bekeart 635-6475

This show has a large cast of characters (see below for descriptions), with roles for everyone. Come audition to be a part of this exceptional theater event.

Auditions Thursday through Sunday, October 26 to 29; Thurs & Fri 7-9 pm; Sat 3 -6 pm & Sun 12 – 2 pm

Auditions will be held at WIT’s new home, the former Verizon space in Kukui Grove Shopping Center, located between Kauai Bakery and Jeans Warehouse.

The show opens January 12 and runs for 4 weekends through February 4 with performances Fri, Sat and Sun opening weekend, and Thurs, Fri, Sat and Sun the 2nd, 3rd and 4th weekends.  NO HOLDOVER.

Audition requirements:

All auditioners will be asked to read from script.  All auditioners should prepare a short song; it need not be from the show.  Protean auditioners will be asked to pantomime character movement as listed  in the protean description below.  Courtesan auditioners will be asked present a short exotic dance of her own making; may bring a recording.

Character Descriptions

Prologus: An actor who introduces the play, Prologus then changes into the character he plays throughout: Pseudolus.

Pseudolus: A slave of Hero, Pseudolus is sly, conniving, and willing to do anything for his freedom, leading to a deal with Hero that if the slave can win Philia for his master, his master will, in turn, grant his freedom. It is this desire that fuels the action of the play and many of the sight gags. 8 songs

The Proteans:  3 comic relief who are present throughout the play; they play many roles: soldiers, slaves, Romans, Eunuchs, helpers of Pseudolus, a  sort of Roman version of the three stooges. They don’t have much dialogue and when they do it’s as one of their many characters.  These are principally physical comedy roles. 4 chorus songs

Senex: An older man, but one still attracted to wine, women, and song, Senex is the perennially henpecked husband. 2 songs, 2 choruses

Domina: The battle-ax wife of Senex, Domina is not only domineering, but proud, and convinced that she is still alluring. 1 song, 2 choruses

Hero: The naive handsome son of Senex and Domina, Hero is a lovesick juvenile who schemes with Pseudolus about how he can win the hand (and body) of Philia. 4 songs, 2 choruses

Hysterium: A slave of Senex and Domina, Hysterium is the frantic and frenetic straw boss of all the slaves in the household. Pseudolus cons him into helping him in his plots, including dressing Hysterium up as the corpse of Philia.  2 songs, 2 choruses

Lycus: The owner of the House of Marcus Lycus is the snaky, slimy, lecherous procurer of courtesans whom he trains in the art of dance and seduction then sells them.  2 songs, 2 choruses

The Courtesans of the House of Locus: The six actresses don’t have dialogue; they are in the ensemble numbers and each has a solo dance that is both exotic and humorous; they are parodies of the beautiful fantasy goddesses who are all there waiting to be sold. (1) Tintinabula has “the face of an idol . . . the arms of a willow tree . . . and the pelvis of a camel.” (2) Panacea has “a face that holds a thousand promises, and a body that stands behind each promise.” (3 & 4) The Geminae are twin courtesans, “a matched pair. Either one a divinely assembled woman, together an infinite number of mathematical possibilities.” (5) Vibrata:  is “exotic as a desert bloom . . . wondrous as a flamingo . . . lithe as a tigress . . . for the man whose interest is wildlife.” (6) Gymnasia: is “a giant stage on which a thousand dramas can be played.”  3 choruses

Philia: A virgin girl, beautiful, young and dumb, who belongs to Lycus and is a courtesan-in-training, already contracted to be sold to Miles Gloriosus. She and Hero, however, are in love; and Hero has enlisted Pseudolus to get her for him.  3 songs, 2 choruses

Erronius: A befuddled old man who is partially blind and always confused, Erronius spends most of the play searching the seven hills of Rome for his two children who were kidnapped by pirates years ago.  2 choruses

Miles Gloriosus: A Roman soldier, Miles Gloriosus is handsome, young, strong – also pompous and pretentious with a strong ego, so much so that he proudly declares: “I am a parade.”  2 songs, 2 choruses