July 21, 2018 1:00 pm

Kukui Grove Center

3-2600 Kaumualii Hwy, Lihue

(808) 245-7784


The Cemetery Club, a romantic comedy directed by Arnold Meister

Saturday, July 21: 1-3pm

Monday, July 23: 6-9pm

At WIT’s End Theatre, Kukui Grove Center (next to Kauai Bakery)

Ivan Menchell’s bittersweet comedy, The Cemetery Club, is the story of three Jewish widows in Queens. They are the surviving half of three sets of long time best friends. Each of whom is in a different stage of healing and moving on with her life. Once a month the three women – Doris, Ida and Lucille – meet to pay their respects to their husbands, who are all buried in the same cemetery. The women are bound together by their hurt, their healing and the discovery that they are more alike than they believed.


Rehearsals: Begin August 1

Performances: Show runs three weekends, September 28 – October 14


4 women (50s-60s), 1 man (50s-60s)

Doris: Doris is content to have loved her husband well and seeks nothing more than simply to go on remembering him. She no doubt would visit the cemetery every day. Priggish and judgmental, Doris is critical of her friends for thoughts of moving on to another life chapter.

Lucille: The feisty embodiment of the girl who just wants to have fun, Lucille appears to quickly have dismissed the loss of her late husband and hungrily searches for a new man. She flaunts the men on her arm with hopes that her philandering late husband sees that she has moved on without him.

Ida: Ida is in the middle of these two opposites. After her husband’s death, she spent the first few months numbly preparing home-cooked meals that he had always loved. But this sweet-tempered lady now wonders if she may be ready to open her heart to a second chance at love.

Sam: A widower who meets Ida during a cemetery visit. The two find a connection that is soon torn apart by Ida’s meddling friends who decide she is not ready for this budding relationship.

Mildred: A cameo role, Mildred is a glamorous and slightly younger widow. She accompanies Sam to the wedding of a mutual friend of Ida’s and sparks fly!