November 11, 2017 7:30 pm

(831) 345-2430

The Shaman looks at all reality beyond the lens of SpaceTime as a holographic projection of Her own consciousness, a sacred communion of Self with the All That Is in every instance.

Break through into Multi-Dimensional States

Melt into Ultimate Ecstasy & Regeneration

Liberate from the Matrix of your mind

Plug into Source Consciousness

Awaken Kundalini Flows

Join Amoraea for a shamanic experience into realms behind normal surface reality:

through a guided experience that is a medicine journey without the medicine. True to shamanic understanding, we will awaken our body & soul’s capacity to self-organize, heal & re-pattern into a higher state through breath & internal alchemies. Breath, when guided as a force to melt resistance, transcend boundaries & impel our Spirit back to Its Primal Origin, will empower our lives in every way. Discover the Miracle…

.journey includes live instruments, guided transmissions, hands-on energy work, invocations, and You as a unified Field Generator of the Mystery

Amoraea has 20 years training to activate shifts in consciousness that allow the Soul to travel and unhitch from the matrix and egoic mechanisms.

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