June 12, 2016 2:00 pm - 5:30 pm


Sunday, Jun 12th  2:00-5:30 PM in Wailua  $60.

Facilitated by Laurel Petterson McGraw & Nadya Wynd

To register or for more information, please call:  808-821-9740

An experiential workshop designed to help both beginning and experienced actors improve their audition skills and develop the self-confidence necessary to make a positive impression in both stage and screen auditions.

The workshop will be limited to 10 people.

Actors will have opportunities to do cold readings, receive direction, read again and receive feedback and suggestions for ways to improve both their performance and the impression they make in auditions.

Subjects covered in the workshop will include:

How to make a lasting first impression: how to enter the room, how to dress, how to tell people about yourself, how to deal with nervousness and stay centered, how to leave the room

Techniques for quick analysis of scene & character

Techniques for reading, connecting and listening

What directors are looking for in auditions

How to prepare a headshot & resume

The difference between stage and screen auditions

How to deal with the disappointment of not being cast

Workshop Facilitators:

Laurel Petterson McGraw

Laurel has worked in various capacities in film and theater for over 40 years. She has worked as an actress, both on stage and in film, in Boston, London, South Africa and Kauai. She has directed local theater productions for Kauai Community Players, Women in Theater and the YWCA. She has also directed and worked in various production positions for a number of local film projects.

In addition, Laurel has taught scene study and playwriting for the Department of Education and has been a private acting coach for a number of children and adults on Kauai.

Nadya Wynd

Nadya studied acting for many years in Austin and Los Angeles and film production in the Graduate Program at the University of Texas. She worked as an actress and in various production positions in film, television and theater in Los Angeles.

Nadya wrote, produced and directed original musical theater when she formed the Evergreen Theater Company in Santa Cruz, California. During her time in Santa Cruz, she taught creative dramatics at a private, arts-oriented elementary school, where she also wrote and directed school plays.

Nadya also wrote, produced and directed The Beautiful Illusion, a short film that was an official selection of the New York and Los Angeles Independent Film Festivals and aired on PBS television.

On Kauai, Nadya appeared as Pheni in WIT’s production of Sisters Rosensweig, directed the dinner theater production of Beyond Therapy for WIT and wrote and directed the dinner theater production of Ghost of the Sinclair Plantation for Tropicbird Entertainment.