October 19, 2017 to October 26, 2017 All Day

Divine Child Retreat

A Special Kauai Retreat with Mana

October 19 – 26, 2017 – Sacred Paradise Center Kauai

(Kama’aina rates available)

Mana and the Divine Light Sanctuary invite you to reconnect with your Divinity and Inner Peace through a Transformational Journey of Healing and Soul Retrieval.

Divine Child is a residential retreat that offers a transformational journey of soul retrieval for both student and practitioner. Divine Child session work is an instrumental key to Universal Awakening. This work facilitates emotional liberation and release as we profoundly explore the alchemy of the Divine Child. As a result, one reconnects with their divinity and inner peace. For practitioners, this training teaches a unique and most powerful healing modality they may use to offer their own life-changing session work.

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Training/Retreat Highlights:

*    Profound deepening of your gifts as a healer/therapist

*    Craniosacral and Sacred Forms Alchemy

*    Psychic development/Meditation deepening

*    Language of Light Initiation, Sacred Geometry

*    Daily practice of Tibetan Yoga & Kundalini

*    Reunite with your spiritual family

*    Learn the Way of the Shaman

*    Learn life changing Divine Child work

*    Soul retrieval

*    Emotional clearing for healing and spiritual maturity

*    Family Constellation work

These courses are rare opportunities to work directly with Mana and the Sacred Forms and delve into a new depth of spiritual practice and healing work. You will be offered many tools for your own healing journey, as well as those for working with clients. You will experience the Breath of Light and open into the extraordinary realms of your sensory perceptions and intuitive talents.

“Mana brings his exceptional ability to transmit and share from the heart to core levels of healing.”

Through guided meditation, hands on training, sacred initiation, you will learn how to facilitate sessions in this transformational technology developed through years of alchemical meditation, sacred service, and initiation.

You will receive certification to provide Divine Child sessions with a deeper connection to your true essence.

Retreat Includes lovely tropical room & board, all delicious meals AND Excursion days exploring Kauai’s magical paradise.

Woven into these trainings and retreats is time to deepen our connection to nature and the deep blue realm of whales, dolphins and sea turtles as well as to enjoy the mystical Kauai mountains, waterfalls, beaches and caves.

Mana is the visionary founder of Divine Light Sanctuary. His ministry and teachings facilitate global awakening and peace through spiritual counseling, evolutionary healing and transformational art. Mana lives from the depth of his devotion as a yogi–bridging worlds and offering sacred energy to all life.

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Proceeds for this event go to support Divine Light Sanctuary, our non-profit holistic center birthing.

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