February 5, 2016 10:00 am

Princeville, Kauai


6 Patients who receive an individualized session within the group: $111 (Questionnaire will be sent once you have registered

All other participants: Observers, attending the master class: $55

This 3 hour workshop is taught by Dr. Sam Berne, Behavioral Optometrist, Author, Teacher.

If you experience any of these:

  • “I am discouraged because my eyesight keeps deteriorating and I don’t know what to do about it.”

  • “I am scared because I just received an eye disease diagnosis and I want alternatives to drugs and surgery.”

  • “I am frustrated because my child is struggling in school and I don’t know how to help him”

  • “I am worried that I am going to go blind because my parents both had eye diseases and lost their sight.”

  • “I am discouraged because my current eye care is not meeting my needs.”

  • “I am confused because I don’t know what nutritional practices I should be doing for my eyes and overall health.”

  • “I am interested in natural methods to heal my eyes and am looking for someone I can partner with who can help me.”

This class is for you!

How it works:  You can participate in two ways:

  1. Within the group: Have a 15-minute individualized session with Dr. Berne focusing on your visual problems and receiving protocols to improve your vision. Limited to 6

  2. Participate as a witness by attending the class and receiving benefits by learning from observing the individualized sessions

Dr. Berne will see 6 people during the 3-hour class.  If there is time at the end, he will also offer a group process.  Whether you receive an individualized session or are a witness, you will learn many techniques to improve your eyesight and vision.

To Register Please Contact Christi: