October 20, 2018 to October 21, 2018 10:00 am


It’s my pleasure to invite you to an in depth experience of Florais da Amazonia, flower essences from Amazonia. I first  met Julia “Julinha” Freire and her mother Maria Alice in 1998 in Céu Do Mapia Amazonas, Brazil. It was my first experience in the Amazon  working with the flowers and learning just a little of the the subtle healing power these remedies  bring. Her mother,  Maria Alice is one of the pioneers of our Umbandaime line, she is also a member of the council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers. She initiated and the work with Santo Daime and Afro-Brazilian Umbanda deep in the Amazon forest.

When I first met Julia 20 years ago, she was very young. She impressed me with her beauty and power as she made the callings on the drums for the Orixás and spiritual guides while her mother worked incorporated in trance.

Julia and I have remained friends through the years and it’s my honor to welcome her to Kaua’i to share her life’s work with these flower essences and their system she has developed alongside her mother. This is a valuable system for anyone who is interested to work deeper with the subtle energies of flowers and plants, as well as ourselves. These powerful  flower essences are a powerful tool to align, protect and develop our own self knowledge and higher consciousness.

Basic 2 day Flower Essence course

October 20-21

Class size is limited.

Moloa’a Location

Call me at 808-634-1430 or email to connect.

Julia will also be available for individual consultations and Cranial-Sacral Therapy.