February 10, 2017 to February 11, 2017 All Day

Freedom and the Formless: Releasing the Aloha Within

A two-day retreat in Hanalei, Feb. 10-11, focused on our innate well-being and inner wisdom, and the role of thought in our lives and in creating our personal realities. This retreat is led by two international teachers of a “Three Principles” psychology, now expanding globally. Our tone is relaxed, retreat-style and the retreat feeling is full of aloha.We gather together to share authentically, and learn simple principles to release the well-being and resiliency that is already at our core, and is our true essence.

A free introductory community evening is offered at the Waipa Foundation on Friday, Feb. 9, at 5 pm, featuring food and childcare … 5 community scholarships are also available to low-income, on-island residents. For all info, please see: