July 14, 2017 9:00 am

Dolphin Touch Wellness Center

4544 Kukui St, Kapaa, HI 96746


Lexi Hall at 317-938-9635

July 7th: Sleeping Giant Trails

July 14th: Anini Beach

9am – 12pm

$60 per hike

Experience a hike unlike any other where you get to connect to nature through heightened sensory awareness and consciousness. The exercises that you do on these hikes are designed to help you live a more mindful lifestyle, one that is full of harmony, awareness and insight. This is a unique hike because you are experiencing these spaces through all of your senses, letting go of your everyday stressors and coming back to your true essence. Momma Kauai has so much insight for all of us and it’s time we honor her wisdom, holding space for her messages to come through.

Shoes with good support, sunscreen, lots of water and snacks are highly encouraged. We will be outside for the entire duration of the event so make sure you bring enough supplies to last you the whole time. We will meet at the parking lot off of Haleilio Road. Cost is $60 per hike and we will meet at the given recreational site the day of the event. The event is facilitated by Lexi Hall, Wilderness First Responder and Reiki Master/Teacher. If you have any questions at all about the event or if you want to register, please contact Lexi Hall at 317-938-9635 or You can also register through Dolphin Touch Wellness Center at 808-822-4414. Aloha!