May 26, 2018 1:00 pm

Golden Lotus Studio and Massage School

Golden Lotus Studio and Massage School, 4-941A Kuhio Hwy, Kapaa

(808) 823-9810


We protect what we love

The deeper we let ourselves feel pain – knowing its natural pathway to grace – the deeper we can feel love.

Resistance to feelings creates more pain.

In order to let go of pain and protect our gorgeous planet, we need to learn to ride our emotional waves like pro-surfers.

Our society promotes painkillers instead of grief rituals. Where do we learn to feel again?

For many of us our natural “oceanic waves of emotions” have been interrupted, re-routed, punished and blamed since early childhood and still are…we have learned to mistrust this organic body-mind rhythm, learned to use muscle contraction to hold our feelings in or to give them an acceptable form to be accepted, to please, to conform, to belong. Much to the disadvantage of our authenticity, our ability to create, and even at times to feel our genuine intuitive wisdom…

This is one of the topics we will go deeper into, and a freedom of choice we will learn to reclaim, May 26th at Golden Lotus.

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