November 26, 2016 to November 27, 2016 All Day


Date: Sat & Sun ~ Nov 26 & 27

Where: Kilauea Farms

Cost: $550

Instructor: Wayne Kealohi Powell D.D.

Contact: 808-431-4549

Creating peace in your colon can bring Peace into your whole Life and your relationships! You can feel better than you’ve felt in a long, long time, especially when the Body Tune-Up is followed with a Divine Lomilomi massage. A negative mind stream can be replaced by loving thoughts, trusting life, feeling loved and safe again! It can truly be a miracle wanting to happen!


Many of us don’t even realize when we have an “OPEN Ileocecal Valve”~ Leaky Gut.

because we have programmed ourselves to be okay under all conditions. However I have found that many diseases and symptoms that “won’t go away” are due to this condition, and much of the toxic waste is recycling back into the body.

Excessive anger, violent outbursts, uncontrollable crying (for no apparent reason) and thoughts of suicide can be for many the outcome of a toxic overload that is recycling in the body. The excess toxins can, over a period of time, poison the blood and cause an endless list of recurring symptoms. When there is no peace in your colon, there can be no peace in your life. LEAKY GUT is the most common malfunction in most bodies today, causing inflammation and most diseases including cancer!

We invite you to come join us and learn about your body’s natural stress responses and how that can cause mood swings and a very unhealthy emotional, mental and physical condition. You may have family members who suffer from this condition. We can show you how to rebalance your health and bring more peace into your relationships with simple knowledge and Aloha Plenty!  💝

For more info contact

Wayne Kealohi Powell D.D.

Founder, Shamanic Bodywork

808 431 4549