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A message from Master Pam:


Please enjoy the following excerpts submitted by recipients of soul healing blessings. As a Master Teacher certified by Tao Academy ™, I support all healing modalities, religions and philosophies of the Light. There is no separation. As Master Sha teaches, “We are One.”

Baby Blessings

“On September 16, my husband and I were blessed with a beautiful, healthy and happybaby boy! He is indeed a miracle child, for we have tried unsuccessfully to have childrenfor a very longtime. When all seemed hopeless, I became pregnant, delivered babywithout any issues or challenges, and recovered quickly and smoothly with the help andassistance of Heaven’s blessings. We feel blessed beyond words. I am 44 years old, andmy husband is 46.” A.P., New Jersey

Financial Blessings

“The very next day after receiving the financial blessing, my daughter receivedtwo job offers! She was extremely stressed at work, and very unhappy. She hadbeen looking for another job for more than 9 months, and is now seriouslyconsidering taking one of the two offers.” H.M., Oahu“Dear Master Pam, shortly after receiving the financial blessing, I got a new joband two weeks later, I was able to purchase a new car! Thank you, thank you,thank you!” D.G., Colorado


“My daughter suffered from psoriasis that covered her entire body for manyyears. After receiving the calligraphy tracing service, her skin condition hascleared and the rash is almost completely gone! She is so happy, because her skinis smooth, and the lesions and itchiness are gone! Thank you very, very much!”N.P., Arizona“Six months after a career-ending auto accident, I fell into a deep depression. Myenergy and health suffered. I couldn’t walk very far without support. After a life-transforming blessing, I can now think more clearly, I have more energy and canwalk on my own accord. I am beyond grateful!” D.U., Oahu


“My son was stressed at the workplace, which caused difficulty in sleeping. This affected the relationship with his wife because he would become angry and irritated, withdrawn and sullen. After the blessing, he became more positive,happy, and willing to recognize and accept what must change and letting go ofwhat can’t be changed. He began sharing his feelings more and doing moreconstructive actions to be healthy.” D.F., Washington“After several relationships that ended badly, I received a blessing for FindingTrue Love. To my amazement, two months later, I am in the most comfortable,relaxed and loving relationship! My life is now stable and drama-free.” R.U.,Oahu

Please let me know how I may be of service to you.

With love and blessings,

Master Pam