August 26, 2017 to August 27, 2017 All Day

A course for every day empowerment, healing, awakening and manifestation:

We are entering into a time that mystics and prophets of many ages have referred to as a shift of the ages. This shift refers to a gateway between worlds, the emergence of a new species of humanity, of infinite creator dimensions awakening fully within the fields of matter. Various ancient traditions, shamans and wisdom keepers tell us, that the middle self cannot directly access the higher planes of existence and that healing miracles always happen in the now moment. When there is a bridging of these 3 aspects (middle self, super- and sub-conscious) of the self and when we develop a loving relationship with our sub-conscious mind, we can heal and transform much faster and easier. ILAHINOOR refers to a universal field of “divine light”, and is a simple yet profound technique for merging with the higher self and cosmic light of intelligence. Its energetic signatures are connected with ancient healing traditions of Egypt, India, Amazon and Lemuria as well as dolphins and whales.

Introductory talk and experience (Free)

August 18 & 25* 7:00 – 9:00 pm at Princeville Community Center *You can join either date.

By attending this intro evening will give you first hand experience what this Ilahinoor energy is about and how this benefits you and your life journey.

Practitioners’ Course:

August 26 and 27, 10:00 – 6 pm at Private Residence

During this weekend comprehensive Ilahinoor practitioners’ course, you will first be initiated into the field of Ilahinoor through connecting with various ancient healing traditions and then learn to access these energies through an understanding of brain physiology and soul psychology. We will learn a hands-on technique which quickly allows us to merge with our lightbody, thereby creating a direct access to multidimensional frequencies for healing, awakening, and manifesting our unique destiny on earth. Through this process we also bring the sub-conscious memories into our new awareness for healing, transformation and manifestation. Topics included during the course are Basic treatment – Self treatment – Holographic Merkaba activation – Treatment of Chakras’ diagonals – Long distance treatment – Ilahinoor for the earth and animals

Benefits of Ilahinoor for everyone include:

• Create an environment that promotes heart-opening, connection and receptivity

• Balance and vitalize the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies

• Deep relaxation through release of tension and stress

• Release old programming, beliefs and patterns that do not serve you

• Imprint and instill new positive beliefs, intentions and resolutions

• Strengthen your intuition, connection and energetic awareness

• Amplify the manifestation of intentions, goals and visions

• Feeling of oneness and connectedness with the universe and others

Benefits of Ilahinoor for people who facilitate it include:

• Create an environment that promotes heart-opening, connection and receptivity

• Help yourself and others facilitate healing, awakening and relaxation

• Experience deep connection with yourself and others in your life

• Achieve mastery in non-verbal communication

• Strengthen your intuition and energetic awareness

• Bring yourself and the people you work with to a state of No Tension and expansion

• Create a ritual that takes only about 20 minutes to achieve positive results

This course includes the book ‘Ilahinoor – Divine Human’, the 2 full day training, a practitioner’s manual, a certification and audio recordings.

For any questions or sign-up, contact:

Yves Nager at or 303 886 2038

Ilahinoor Practitioners’ Course (search on Facebook)

About the presenters:

Yves Nager (Yoga Nidra teacher, Healing facilitator) and Eunjung Choi (Imagination Guide, Sacred Journey facilitator) are Ilahinoor trainers and practitioners. They are a passionate dynamic duo with a mission to inspire and help people to discover and share their unique gifts with the world and fully live their lives aligned with their passions and purpose. Since 2012, they traveled together to 35 countries on their mission to assist with the global shift in consciousness through personal sessions, workshops, and sacred journeys, using a variety of coaching tools and healing techniques. Yves is the co-author of the Amazon bestseller ‘Inspired!’,the co-author of the Ilahinoor – Awakening the Divine Human, and the author of the upcoming book ‘Find your life purpose – 7 questions and 12 steps to fulfill your destiny.’ They live on the island of Kaua’i in Hawaii.​