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Kauai North Shore Community Acupuncture


March 10, 2015 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

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Hanalei Bay

Hanalei Bay

Come in for Community Acupuncture in Hanalei
Fridays 3pm to 6 pm
Sundays 10am to 3pm

The purpose of community acupuncture is to make Chinese Medicine accessible by providing affordable community-centered health care. All acupuncture treatments are individualized to meet your needs, and are performed in a quiet community space.

We charge on a sliding scale: $30-$60

You decide what you can afford. We will NEVER make you prove your income level. We want you to come often enough to really get better, and the sliding scale is our way of helping you make that commitment. Please arrive approximately 10 minutes early for your initial visit to complete the new patient forms or save time and download the new patient intake form and our consent form from home and fill them out before coming in.

Most acupuncturists in the US also see only one patient per hour and charge $80 to $175 per treatment. They tend to spend a long time talking with each patient, going over medical records and asking many questions. We don’t do this is in these community healing circles, we have returned to the traditional approach. On your first visit we will ask you some questions and go over your health questionnaire, but on subsequent visits we will just get a brief update and then use tongue and pulse diagnosis to decide how to treat you..

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