August 3, 2017 10:00 am

Kauai War Memorial Convention Hall 4191 Hardy St, Lihue

4191 Hardy St, Lihue


We are proud to offer the 15th Kauai Psychic Faire since 1999. This event gives people an opportunity to have short visits with Intuitive Practioners: Tarot readers, talented psychics, a palmist, astrologer and more. All of our readers live on Kauai. Readings are $25 for 15 minutes and are meant for entertainment and edification.  The purpose of our Kauai Psychic Faire is to empower our attendees to recognize and validate their own personal guidance. Entrance is FREE.  There will also be a “Speakers Corner” to listen to various informational talks; a Step Massage booth; a Crystal Table; and a booth to make your own Mandala.