July 6, 2016 All Day

The mission of the Kauai Tahiti Fete is to continue the cultural connections between Kauai/Hawaii and French Polynesia (Tahiti), thru dance, music, art, language, cuisine and traditions.

The Kauai Tahiti Fete will provide a fulfilling and educational experience for all participants, residents, and visitors, by highlighting the performance of Hawaiian/Tahitian dance and music, and presenting educational programs in the traditional arts and crafts to the youth in our community. We are dedicated to providing a viable infrastructure to support, promote, and initiate these cultural programs and activities.

6th at War Memorial Convention Hall: Doors open at 4:30pm, concert at 6 pm,

9th at Kapaa Beach Park: Gates open at 9am, solo comp 10am-3:30 pm,

and 10th at Kapaa Beach Park: Gates open 9am, group cultural ex. at 10am-end.

Info Carol Akau-Casil