January 13, 2016 All Day


$120 per semester – under 60 years of age; FREE for those over 60 years of age (if there is space available in the class)

To apply and register, visit the KCC One Stop Center or call 245-8225.

Need a stress outlet, want to stay fit, want to get in shape, want better focus in your job, learn a new activity… take the HPER Spring Semester Yoga class.

HPER 108 – Beginning Yoga – 2 credits – meets on Monday/Wednesday from 4-5:50 pm – PH/CH

This course will focus on the practice of Hatha Yoga. General philosophy, history, and benefits toward wellness will be included. The primary emphasis will be on the performance of postures and breathing exercises, along with emphasis on yamas (ethical principles), niyamas (personal conduct), and meditation in order to improve overall wellness.

HPER 171 – Intermediate Yoga – 2 credits – meets on Monday/Wednesday 10-11:50 am – PH, CH

This course will focus on intermediate skills and techniques in Hatha Yoga poses and breathing techniques with independent, group, and personalized training. Introduction to concentration exercises, meditation, and relaxation techniques. Continued study of yoga history, philosophy, and application to a healthy lifestyle.