April 30, 2017 11:00 am

Unwind your habitual tensions and realign your heart and mind with the Divine. The Goddess of Good Fortune, Lakshmi Devi blesses us with spiritual and material prosperity, peace, happiness and pure love. We will explore Lakshmi’s rich symbolism while learning to embody fully her prosperity. Channeling your desires towards the good and creatively sharing and expressing the unique vibration of your gifts while staying rooted in your dharma, life purpose, leads to moksha, or freedom from suffering. Make a U-turn for the Positive.

In this one day Lakshmi retreat, Ambujam Lakshmi will share transformational techniques, group exercises and powerful keys to unlock your greater potential for prosperity and manifest your goals:

* Clear your personal manifestation field through powerful forgiveness & blessing exercises.

* Make peace with your past and all its characters so you can create and manifest a bright future

* Identify your limiting beliefs and uplifting your vibrational frequency to manifest positive experiences.

* Alter your relationship with money and resources.

* Harvest the blessings from difficulties and use them as strengths and fuel for your success and prosperity

* Identify core issues and root out the obstacles to your prosperity

* Nurture the seeds of your goals in our heart fields, water them with faith, affirmations and give them the sunshine of powerful action steps.

* Connect with your heart’s truest desires and goals, invite them to conscious awareness and creatively activate them into manifestation, aligned with your life purpose.

* Relax in contentment and trust the prosperity of the luminous presence of the Divine inside and outside.

* Heal many aspects of your life through the harnessing the power of blessings, awareness, gratitude, faith, self-confidence and receptivity to the constant flow of divine grace.