May 2, 2018 6:00 pm

Living in a Circumcision Culture:

Talk & Dialogue

By Veenaa Saynana,

Spiritual Teacher

In this talk, we shall explore common misconceptions about circumcision to separate truth from myths.  We shall address the effects of this sexual trauma, the neurological implications and the break in the mother-child bond.

How does circumcision affect the subconscious mind, our intimate relationships and our communication styles?

How does living in a circumcision culture affect young boys and how they are raised? What are the ramifications of circumcision culture on men, women and society? Can a causal connection be made to the ‘Me Too’ movement? How can we heal this divide between the masculine and feminine so that we can thrive with peaceful and loving intimate relationships?

This talk aims to shed light on themes that are relevant to every man and woman on the planet. It is open to all genders and orientations. There will be time set aside for a QnA session and for short, respectful sharing.

Look out for an exciting follow-up workshop, Dolphin Love Matrix, on 5/5 at the Golden Lotus Studio! What a great way to celebrate Cinco De Mayo!

About the Facilitator: 

Veenaa Saynana is a spiritual teacher, master healer and intimacy coach from Singapore.She began studying Vedic wisdom as a child with her family guru and deepened her studies with other indigenous masters. She had an awakening process in 1999, which further opened her existing intuitive, healing abilities. She holds a strong feminine, compassionate presence for the deepest healing to take place.She has helped thousands around the world to overcome their abuse and go on to thrive through workshops, counseling and private sessions. She specializes in healing childhood sexual trauma issues, including circumcision trauma in men. She is available for Private Sexual Trauma Healing Sessions for men and women by appointment from 5/8- 5/13 on island. She runs a successful practice in the SF/Bay Area where she lives.

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Email or call 650 608 1279 if you have questions.

Held in a private residence in Kilauea.