January 26, 2018 to January 28, 2018 All Day

3 Day Workshop Makaleha Valley, Kauai. With Leah Lamb & Kim Murriera

Calling all Changemakers, Teachers, Entrepreneurs, Healers, & Everyone Ready to Make Meaning Out of Their Story!

Let’s Bring The Magic and Invite The Sacred Back Into Our Life

As We Step in to dance with the muse in the Sacred Storytelling Circle and try our hand at crafting tools for our storytelling practice

The time has come to put the sacred back into storytelling.

Step into the storytelling circle….

• On Friday eve we will gather around the fire in the jungle  and catch hold of the myths that are are living through us.

• On Saturday, we will gather once again in Kim’s backyard, this time we will take hold of our magic wands (the pen) and explore the process of discovering the mythic realities in our every day lives as we weave and reweave the stories of our journey. That evening we will convene in the studio and craft a story ‘tool’ that will support, enrich and offer insight to your story.

• On Sunday we will explore the medicine you bring and how you gift it through the stories you tell. Each will share a story of their own creation, and will step into the role of sacred storyteller. We complete our time together by offering our stories for an evening of sharing with our Kauai community.

In this workshop you will…

• Reclaim your creative spark!

• Transform your stories into powerful teachings

• Develop your intuition and creativity

• Expand your knowledge on archetypes, myth and mythic stories from around the globe

• Be witnessed in the telling of your personal story

• Discover new ways to bring ritual and the sacred into your life

• Embody the magic and medicine we are into your every day life

• Receive guidance and instruction and set free to

• create and craft in an artistic studio

• Participate in a group storytelling event open to the community.

$300. Kamaaina rates available $250. One partial scholarship available. Please inquire for more info.

Register http://www.medicinestories.com/myth-magic–medicine-storytelling-fo