April 7, 2018 7:00 pm

Princeville Community Center, 4334 Emmalani Dr, Princeville

Princeville Community Center, 4334 Emmalani Dr, Princeville

(808) 826-6687

Amoraea (831)-345-2430

Many of us relate to being midwives birthing a New Humanity.  We are also continuously faced with our own death and resurrection on many levels as we pass through the birth canal of this great accelerated time on planet Earth.

There is a whole other internal dimension that has been revealed to me in the last few months around our personal birth and gestation time in the womb.  I’d be honored to share in this next ceremonial container with you.  I consider it some of the most important work to experience at this time for becoming an integrated human.

Our sacred group container will be a womb space, surrounding us in the embryonic waters of safety and providing lucid shamanic access to your deeper primordial memories as a soul, as well as your human birth imprints, in order to repattern at the core level, beyond what any counseling could do.

We welcome you into the ancient community practice of being reborn together to restore healthy bonding within your self and your tribe, and walk the path that our ancient ancestors did to build a new future for our children.  All life is waiting to restore balance through you.

Please check out much more details on the Event Page!

This experience is for anyone who would like to:

* Shift core mechanisms that control unworthiness, anxiety, depression, resistance to life

* Understand and heal fears around intimacy, safety, and opening your heart

* Recover fragments of your Soul that have been frozen and rejected

* Experience original unity and connection to all life without fear boundaries

* Release a lifetime of unresolved issues with grace