January 9, 2016 7:15 pm - 10:30 pm

2958 Kamookoa Road (Golden Chalice Palace) Kilauea

Monique Darling 619-655-6877

Monique and Peter have traveled all over the country doing puja’s of every type imaginable and with the help of lovely Megan, would like to give you a taste of ALL of them!
What is a puja? A puja is a ceremony to practice the path of tantra. In the East, puja is a celebration of the Divine, an honoring ceremony for a God or a Goddess, and those somewhere in between 😉 In the West, we also celebrate the Divine, the divine in each of us. A puja is a group of people like you, open to celebrating heart felt interactions. During a puja we pair up with partners and practice different exercises that are designed to open our hearts, and deeper connect with ourselves and with others. It is an evening that will nurture your body, heart and spirit.