February 2, 2016 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Learn to bend spoons using 8 different techniques based on quantum mechanics and torsion field physics. So why hold a spoon bending class? It is not only about bending spoons! The change in material reality demonstrated by the bent utensil is a model for change. The mechanisms used are all known healing techniques. Experience how to use these techniques in your own life for personal growth and transformation.

However, not only are the results cool but these same principles can be used for major shifts in healing and change. Some healers have been shown to mend broken bones instantaneously. Now people can get a direct experience as to how this might be possible and also how they
can perform miracles in their daily life too.

The principles demonstrated in this class access the same field of information as these miraculous healers. This technique plus at least nine more will be taught in the all new class called Quantum Spoon Bending. The class will include the following techniques: 1) Accessing the Field 2) Torus of the Heart 3) Time Travel 4) Dimensions 5) Spinning 6) Resonance 7) Frequency 8) Symbols 9) Embedding Intention (ie. Talisman Making) and the original technique 10) Accessing the Light.

Quantum Spoon Bending Level I (QSB1)
Kauai Feb 2 6:30-9:30PM $25

At Church of the Pacific, 4520 Kapa Ka Rd, Princeville, Hawaii