August 14, 2017 6:00 pm

You are invited to participate in Kauai’s


A Gathering of the Awakening Ones

“Are you ready to Shift?”

Say “YES,” and become part of a radiant group of people who are committed to consciously shift into new forms of collective healing and co-creation.

Facilitated by Spiritual Catalyst Adara An D’Rianna, Kauai’s Radiance Healing Circle will be held in Wailua from 6 PM to 8 PM on the following Mondays: August 14 & 28 and September 11 & 18, 2017.

Adara has been guided to offer the same powerful healing and activation techniques she uses with individual clients to ignite a contagious wave of collective radiance that breaks through health, life path, financial and relationship challenges.

What to bring: A snack to share, a notebook, a cushion and the willingness to shift into the next level of Divine consciousness.

In this Radiance Healing Circle you will:

Raise your frequency to catch the New Earth wave in the upcoming timeline split.

Learn how intense Universal waves of Christ consciousness are washing through the planet now — and how to use these waves to free yourself from old limiting patterns while in a state of Grace.

Transmute your limiting choices into the Divine Truth of your wholeness.

Clear your electro-magnetic Karmic charges.

Learn to become a clear human transceiver — receiving and transmitting the Divine frequencies that are streaming now.

Participate in, and receive, collective healing to clear the most pressing archetypal issue facing the group that evening. Everyone gets healed!

Receive collective activations to become radiant pillars of the New Earth frequencies.

About Adara

With more than 30 years experience as a coach, consultant, psychologist and energetic healer, Adara An D’Rianna is a radiance coach, intuitive guide and clear channel to the highest realms of the Divine.

Trained by the Divine directly in a series of near-death experiences and her own extended healing crisis, Adara was shown how to find and clear soul separations that create physical and emotional pain and limitations in your life.

By shrinking her Astral Double to connect with the particle and quantum level of consciousness, Adara can find exactly where the seed particles of separation consciousness are stored in your body-mind. She expands her Astral Double to travel your soul timelines to find the specific choice that created your blockage. Adara then helps you make a new choice, release old Karma and actualize more of your Divine potential.

Are you ready to make the shift?

Reserve your spot. RSVP and receive location information by replying to this email, Energy exchange: $20 cash at the door.

 “Now is the time to Shift.”