August 15, 2017 to August 18, 2017 All Day

‘Rough It’ with Mas| August 15-18, 2017

An Exclusive ‘Glamping + Medihealing’ Experience

Location: Camp Sloggett, beautifully secluded in a tropical evergreen forest at the top of Waimea Canyon. (htp:// We have secured the entire camp for exclusive use for our event.

Potency Restoration for the Mind

Cellular Rejuvenation for the Body

Frequency Elevation for the Spirit

A private and exclusive experience – Unplugging from the technologies to be completely off the grid, ‘Roughing It’ with Mas allows you to harness the potency of your spirit with the power of your physical faculties – your mind and body, to experience the beauty of Pure Source –  through hiking in magical valleys of rolling meadows, relaxing under a brilliant starlit sky, and waking up to the refreshing scent of a pristine forest with the surreal beauty of the lushness of the curves. And…repeat!

‘Rough It’ with Mas – Agenda

Tuesday 8/15 | Check-in and Dinner with Mas

Wednesday 8/16 | Waimea Canyon Hike, Dinner with Mas, Fireside Talk/Hands-on Healing

Thursday 8/17 | Waimea Canyon Hike, Dinner with Mas, Fireside Talk/Hands-on Healing

Friday 8/18 | Checkout, Farewell Medihealing/Hike,

Industrial-Strength Group Healing bookings available on site ($150)

‘Rough It’ with Mas – Accommodations

Bunking in Bunkhouse and Lodge: shared living/sleeping space with other guests. Please bring your own pillows, blankets/sleeping bags, and mattress pads if desired (they are wooden bunks with simple pads)

Camping: you can camp anywhere on the grounds of the facility. Bring your own tent/supplies.

Several kitchens, refrigerators and plumbing-equipped bathrooms are on-site NOTE – we do not guarantee that there will be room for your perishable food items. Bring a cooler if you want to ensure you can keep these items preserved.

Parking available

‘Rough It’ with Mas – Registration


Three Dinners – farm to table, local fare

Cozy Shared Accommodations

Campground Reservation

All Mas Talks and Group Medihealings

Hikes and Nature Activities

Not Included

Breakfast, lunch and water

Pillows/Blankets for shared indoor accommodations (mattresses/padding will be provided)

Tents/camping gear (f/ campers)


Industrial Group Healing Bookings available on site ($150)

‘Roughing It’ Kauai 2017 | In-Person Only | $900 | 35 spots |