January 13, 2017 9:00 am


Begins on January 13 and ends on May 12, 2017

Course location –  Kalaheo

This Community Doula/Preconception course will Prepare You to:

Support families to remember the Sacred in all birthing environments

Share the honor of birth with parents by empowering and honoring their choices

Explore your own birth experience to understand its effect on being a doula and your present life

Learn  skills to be with parents through pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum

Prepare yourself physically, emotional and spiritually to receive a child into your own life

Live your life in an awake and conscious state no matter what you do

Participate in  two day Heal You Own Birth and energy workshop workshops

Become a Certified Sacred Birthing  Community Doula

This Sacred Birthing Doula Course will share the joy and wonder of birth that we each hold.  Because this wisdom is inside us, this course reawakens your knowing about this amazing passage and empowers you to be trusted by parents.   You will  also gain trust in your  ability to give birth and be prepared to receive a baby into your  life.  Uncover your inner birth wisdom to create a new paradigm of birth and of living.  By becoming a doula you help birthing mammas and families and are an integral part of a birthing community.  You are also preparing yourself to be a parent.

Classes will meet on Friday mornings from 9:00 to 1:00 for 18 weeks in Kalaheo,  South side of Kauai. The course stars on January 13 and ends on May 12 2016.  February 10 and 11  will be an all day workshop  for the Heal Your Own Birth portion of this class series, and April 14 and 15 will  be an energy workshop.   Tuition  for the course is $1275.00.   Sacred Birthing Certification will be awarded to those Doulas who complete the birth requirements.

Barbara Essman guides this journey.  She has been a doula for 25 years serving birthing families on Oahu and here on Kauai. For more information call 808-286-3602 or write or go to the web site –