August 20, 2017 7:30 pm

A time of utter paradox, of opposites dancing, of irregularities peaking through the Quantum Flux attempting to breathe new life through us and shake us out of our accustomed auto-pilot and comfort…. Catch your inner dragon by its tail and ride Her fully ~ she is trying to take you into uncharted territory where the price of admission is full submission into your higher mission beyond the ego’s insecurities. We have immense power, and then amplify that times 20 when we come together and brave the New World that is birthing us birthing it. This ceremony is an alchemical dose of boundary dissolution meets epiphany meets catharsis… the diamond-studded laser question is, “What are you dissolving and what must arise in you to emerge as the Master you were reborn to be?”

Pass through the Eye of the Needle together where Dark and Light come undone as concepts.

Hands-on healing and energy-work will be ministered to each person during this experience

If you are slightly nervous and uncertain about this experience, it is probably a sign you are meant to come and face the destiny wishing to unleash inside you.

This ceremony is limited to 22 capacity, as it will be laying down for half the time. Please let me know if you intend to come so I also know how many spaceholders to have for us

Donation $33 for more info