May 5, 2018 6:00 pm

The Dolphin Love Matrix is a specialized workshop which creates a unified field for men and women who wish to heal from all forms of sexual trauma, especially circumcision, in their family line going seven generations forward and back. Incorporating elements from Family Constellations, tantra, yoga, conscious dance and more, this experiential workshop is designed to guide participants through processes to heal and open to deeper levels of intimacy with respect and reverence. Through dance and music, you are guided into specific role play and presence encounters where you can experience dolphin healing energy to transform life’s most difficult challenges.

Through psychosomatic, non-verbal rituals and sound healing, you are led into a place of high consciousness, purity of heart and unconditional love.


*Offering deep, psychosomatic relief from circumcision

and sexual trauma

*Receive Dolphin Healing Energies

*Individual & Ancestral Healing ( 7 Generations Back)

*Open to Deeper Levels of Intimacy with Respect & Reverance

*Experience Higher Consciousness, Purity of Heart & Love

Founded and developed by Veenaa Saynana, the Dolphin Love Matrix workshops are a synthesis of joy, heart-centric playfulness and deep soulful connection. Come experience this truly life-changing event, not just for yourself but to benefit your entire family.

Veenaa Saynana is a spiritual teacher, master healer and intimacy coach from Singapore.She began studying Vedic wisdom as a child with her family guru and deepened her studies with other indigenous masters. She holds a strong feminine, compassionate presence for the deepest healing to take place. She had an awakening process in 1999, which further opened her existing intuitive, healing abilities. She has helped thousands around the world to overcome their abuse and go on to thrive through workshops, counseling and private sessions. She specializes in healing childhood sexual trauma issues, including circumcision trauma in men.

She is available for Private Sexual Trauma Healing Sessions for men and women by appointment from 5/8- 5/13 on island. She runs a successful practice in the SF/Bay Area where she lives.

Intro Talk & Dialogue: Living in A Circumcision Culture

Wednesday, May 2nd 2018.

Private Residence, Kilauea, Kauai.

Text 650 608 1279 for directions.

For more info: or email

Veenaa Saynana

Spiritual Teacher,

Master Healer, Author, Speaker

Tel: 650 608 1279

Skype & FB: Veenaa Saynana