November 16, 2015 5:00 pm

Village Hall at Sun Village

Fred Dente - Project Producer 808-651-2815

World Premiere screening of our High Definition music video, a Free Event Monday evening, November 16, 2015, from 5-8pm. In the Village Hall at Sun Village, behind Wilcox Hospital, Lihu`e.

Live music, POT LUCK PUPU, special treats. There will be several screenings during the evening, and other Fun stuff. There will be a raffle to help pay for our remaining production expenses and our outstanding bills and loans. Dress for the Honey Bees if you like, Children welcome.

Drive all the way back behind Wilcox hospital to Sun Village. Follow the BEE signs for parking and directions. The Village Hall (Bldg.D) is between Bldg. B and Bldg. C

Executive Producer Elizabeth Diamond and I, and approximately 100 volunteers participated in the 2&1/2 year Labor of Love it took to make “OWED TO THE HONEY BEES”, which was created and produced entirely on the Garden Island of Kaua`i, Hawai`i by THE HONEY BEES PROJECT. We are a volunteer, cooperative non-profit, in service to the Honey Bees and Mother Earth. Our goal is to increase global awareness of the crucial importance and sacred value of Honey Bees, and all pollinators. We aim to inspire communities and individuals to choose proactive solutions that create a healthy environment for Honey Bees and all pollinators, and for all of us!

For more information about our vision, our contacts and our intention for a sustainable future visit our website.