February 26, 2016 5:00 pm

Officer Mitchell Collier 241-1641

The Kauai Police Activities League (KPAL) Youth Boxing

We provide boxing classes to our youth of the Island of Kauai. We are dedicated to showing leadership, confidence building to youth who attend our classes.

Registration can be done at location prior to class.

KPAL Youth Boxing Hanapepe: Tues, Weds and Thurs, 5:30-6:30 pm. At Hanapepe Gym 4405 Puolo Rd, Hanapepe. Till 12/31/16

KPAL Youth Boxing Lihue: Monday and Wednesday *Advanced Class* Kindergarten to 5th grade, 5-6 pm, 6th grade to High School, 6-7:30 pm. Tuesday and Thursday *Beginners Class* Kindergarten to 5th grade, 5-6 pm, 6th grade to High School 6-7:30 pm. At KPAL Youth Center in Lihue (Vicinity of Vidina Stadium) Till 12/29/16

Info Officer Mitchell Collier 241-1641,