The Song & Dance Movie Film Festivals

/The Song & Dance Movie Film Festivals

The Song & Dance Movie Film Festivals


September 8, 2017 to September 21, 2017 All Day

Kukui Grove Cinema

4368 Kukui Grove St, Lihue, HI 96766

(808) 245-5055

Sept 8-14, The Song Movie Film Festival. All 19 films for one $15 ticket. & Sept 15-21, The Dance Movie Film Festival. All 19 films for only $15. Special Bargain if you buy tickets for Both film festivals at the same time, only $25 for 38 films.

Tickets may be shared with friends & family

At Kukui Grove Cinema.


Sept 8, Friday, Streets of Fire, 1984, 5pm

American Graffitti, 1973, 6:45pm

Pulp Fiction, 1994, 8:45pm


Sept. 9, Saturday, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, 1pm

Funny Girl, 3:50pm

Bandslam, 2009, 6:30pm

Purple Rain, 1984, Prince, 8:45pm


Sept. 10, Sunday, Jesus Christ Superstar, 1973, 1:30pm

La Bamba, 1987, 3:30pm

Moulin Rouge!, 2001, 5:30pm


Sept. 11, Monday, The Benny Goodman Story, 1956, 3pm

Jailhouse Rock, 1957, 5:10pm

Crossroads, 1986, 7pm


Sept. 12, Tuesday, The Glenn Miller Story, 1954, 4pm

Ray, 2004, 6pm


Sept. 13, Wednesday, Les Miserables, 2012, 4pm

Immortal Beloved, 1994, 7pm


Sept. 14, Thursday, Mamma Mia!, 2008, 4pm

The Phantom of the Opera, 2004, 6:10pm


Sept 15-21 The Dance Movie


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