January 10, 2016 4:00 pm

Puhi Theatrical Warehouse at 4411-E Kikowaena

KCP opens the 2016 season with ‘title of show’ by Jeff Bowen and Hunter Bell, a musical about two guys writing a musical about two guys writing a musical. Chris Alderete, who directed HCT’s Next To Normal last year, directs for KCP for the first time. Chris is a product of the Kauai Performing Arts Center, the magnet school theater program in Kauai’s high schools, and received his Bachelor of Arts in Theater from Southern Oregon University in Ashland.

Jeff and Hunter (Robert Carrasco and Ross Martineau), two struggling writers, hear about a new musical theatre festival. However, the deadline for submissions is a mere three weeks away. With nothing to lose, the pair decides to try to create something new with the help of their friends Susan and Heidi (Jennifer Downs and Jessika Montoya) and Nina (Nina Saraos) on the eighty-eights. With the cast in place, Jeff and Hunter begin a conversation about what to write about. Eventually, Jeff suggests they write about what to write about. They make a pact to write up until the festival’s deadline and dream about the show changing their lives. In the span of 90 minutes they write and perform their show at the festival and learn lessons about themselves as people, friends and artists. ‘title of show’ is, above all, a love letter to the musical theatre—a uniquely American art form—and to the joy of collaboration. The musical received a Tony Award® nomination for Best Book of a Musical in 2009.

Opens Friday, January 9. Plays Thurs, Fri and Sat at 7pm, and Sun at 4 pm through January 24. $25 with $5 off opening weekend.

Info KauaiCommunityPlayers@gmail.com