Planning Department seeks information on future major developments

The Planning Department is updating the General Plan, a comprehensive, long-range document that serves as a guide for future land use and planning decisions on Kaua‘i.
The theme of the General Plan Update is ‘Kaua’i Kākou’, which recognizes that everyone must work together to develop a shared vision and goals for the island.
As part of the process, the Department is seeking information about major developments that are anticipated during the General Plan’s planning horizon, from 2015 to 2035. 
Landowner/developers that are planning to build large commercial, residential or mixed-use projects that would require an amendment to the State Land Use District Boundary Map and/or County Zoning Map are asked to contact the Planning Department to schedule a meeting.
The Planning Department staff can be reached at (808) 241-4067 or via email sent to

For more information, please visit the project website,