By For Kaua‘i Publisher Barbara Bennett

BBMost say, “life begins at 40,” and I agree. My life did take an amazing turn when I turned 40. And now I’m here to say, “life can begin at 60, or 70.”

For me, personally, my life is coming to a very important passage and another wonderful beginning, again. It means holding on to all the “good stuff” and letting go of all the “yuk” stuff most of us experience.

Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise — a great expression. Life cannot extend itself without health, good health. Wealth, not all that important. Wise, yes, prime time means wise. If we don’t feel more wisdom in these later years, then we haven’t reflected, searched, collected the important information in our lives. We haven’t learned our lessons!

Wise means we work better at balancing our lives. We prioritize smarter. Family is very much a part of our lives, but doesn’t consume us as it has in the past, because now it is time for “you.” Prime time means you really look at what it is for you that you want to accomplish or enjoy.

I share these words with you because my life has an even greater quality presently than my pre-60 years. At 70-plus years I would never have thought I would be enjoying life as I am.

We all have a choice to have a better quality of life every day, every year. Quality of life begins with our lifestyle right here on Kaua‘i. There is everything one needs right here on this beautiful island. If we need more or look for more then we still have that youthful restless energy.

I am blessed and thankful for the business I manage and own, For Kaua‘i Magazine. It gives back to the people and businesses in many, many ways. It connects me to the island and its people. I have six thriving sons and daughters and eight growing grandchildren. I recently visited the home of my immigrant Italian grandparents and shared with ‘ohana the wonderful stories of the sacrifices that all immigrants made when leaving their homelands, family, relatives and friends.

Enjoy Prime Time — it is your time — making the most of it is your privilege and only yours. Share it, enjoy it and know that you have many people that wish you well and encourage you to enjoy your future plans.


  • Barbara Bennett is the owner and publisher of For Kaua‘i Magazine. She can be contacted at